Research: Practicing one exhale and one inhale can alleviate Long Covid symptoms

Chinese version of 研究: 練習一呼一吸可緩解長新冠症狀 @ https://vocus.cc/article/65c9f523fd897800013b738e

Practicing one exhale and one inhale can alleviate Long Covid symptoms

British Studies: The latest 2024 study on HEART Rate Variability Biofeedback for LOng COVID Dysautonomia (HEARTLOC) by the University of Leeds in the UK shows that simple breathing exercises twice a day can alleviate the symptoms of Long Covid. Results showed that participants experienced reduced symptoms, slept better, and improved physical function.

Breathing Method: Resonant breathing, repeated for 10 minutes: inhale for 4 seconds, exhale for 6 seconds

Manoj Sivan, University of Leeds said:

"Developing new treatments to help these patients is crucial. Our research shows that resonant breathing is a simple and effective technique that can significantly improve symptoms. It requires little medical intervention, and the technology is affordable. We have learned from patients The feedback there has been very positive.”

Research methods:
Participants used a heart rate variability app on their phones, which provided breathing guidelines and allowed them to track the effectiveness of the technology. While they completed the breathing exercises, they used chest-strap heart rate monitors to monitor the effects. The resulting data, combined with heart rate data from participants wearing Fitbit Charge 5 smartwatches for 6 weeks during the study, was used to analyze health progress.

Although this is only a small study, it also supports previous findings published in Nature Communications: Breathing and brain activity are related, and breathing can regulate sleep oscillations and memory reactivation in humans, thus also providing a way to save the brain. 

Note: Make sure the air is clean and unpolluted.