A brief introduction of Dryad in 10 minutes

Update information (2020-10-15): 

  •  the Data package DOI + Version numbers are retiring 
  •  the Data Paper in PDF file & OAI-PMH (DSpace) are retiring, replaced by API (https://datadryad.org/api/v2/docs/) ,
  • the schema.org embedded metadata ( HTML landing page /JSON-LD), and DataCite metadata export. 


We thank Daniella Lowenberg, Dryad Product Manager, University of California Curation Center (UC3) for useful clarifications and comments.

Andrea Wei-Ching Huang. (2020). The Story of Research Data Repository (RDR) (Version 2020-10-15T08:08:30.049287) [Data set]. Retrieved from https://data.depositar.io/dataset/rdr-story
resource: https://data.depositar.io/dataset/rdr-story/resource/266a3d4e-217d-408f-ada3-14e540efaea5